Matthew Dean

Lego Castle Factions, Part II: Faction Relationships

In part I of this series on Lego Castle factions, we established the distinct factions and postulated likely original names for each. Now in part II we will explore how these factions engage with each other, using evidence from sets, idea books, and TV advertisements (eventually I will add catalogs and print advertisements).

Faction Interactions in Sets

We start by reviewing all sets featuring the factions mentioned in part I, which span from 1984 to 1993. We exclude sets which include information about just one faction as they do not aid our analysis. For sets which feature only minifigures, we list them but consider them lacking in sufficient information to judge the faction relationship.

Set Description Factions Relationship
6021-1 Jousting Knights A Crusader knight and a Black knight joust. Crusaders, Black Knights Competitive
6040-1 Blacksmith Shop A crusader guards the castle wall containing the blacksmith's shop. Crusaders, Peasants Cooperative
6103-2 Castle Figures Crusaders standing near Black knights. Crusaders, Black Falcon Undetermined
6055-1 Prisoner Convoy Crusaders transport their peasant prisoner. Crusaders, Peasants Adversarial
6102-1 Castle Mini-Figures Crusaders standing near Black knights. Crusaders, Black Knights Undetermined
6041-1 Armor Shop A Crusader visits a peasant's armor shop. Crests for both Crusaders and Black Knights are displayed, indicating that Peasants serve both. Crusaders, Villager Collaborative
6062-1 Battering Ram Crusaders aggressing a Black Knights castle. Crusaders, Black Knights Adversarial
1584-1 Knight's Challenge Dragon knights and Crusaders joust at a tournament, served by peasants. Crusaders, Dragon Knights, Peasants Competitive
6103-1 Castle Mini Figures Black knights, Crusaders, Forestmen, and a peasant standing near each other. Black Knights, Crusaders, Peasant, Forestmen Undetermined
1974-3 Smuggler's Hayride A peasant transports a concealed Forestman in his haycart. Peasant, Forestmen Collaborative
6077-2 Forestmen's River Fortress Forestmen hold a Crusader prisoner. Forestmen, Crusaders Adversarial
6042-1 Dungeon Hunters Crusaders transport a forestman prisoner. Crusaders, Forestmen Adversarial
6059-1 Knight's Stronghold Black knights siege a Dragon Knights stronghold. Black Knights, Dragon Knights Adversarial
6057-1 Sea Serpent Black Knights assail a Black Dragon ship. Black Falcon, Dragon Knights Adversarial


Faction Interactions in Advertisements

Advertisement Description Factions Relationship
Black Knight TV Commercial (1987) In this commercial, Black knight appears and scares the Crusaders into fortifying their castle. A blacksmith helps them prepare. Black Knights, Crusaders, Peasant Adversarial
Robin Hood TV Commercial (1988) The narrator says "Robin is imprisoned in the black dragon castle." In the commercial, Robin is a forestman with red arms, quiver, brown hat, and small yellow plume. Dragon Knights, Forestmen Adversarial


Faction Interactions in Idea Books

Book Pages Description Mood
Idea Book 6000 (1980) 28-29 A castle bears emblems of both Crusaders and Black knights and is guarded by both factions and Dragon knights. A Black knight jails a Forestman. Forestmen covertly gather outside to attack. Adversarial
30-31 Forestmen live in fortified trees in the forest. One peasant is present. Friendly
32-33 Black Knights and Dragon Knights guard a Dragon Knight castle, soon to be ambushed by Crusaders. Adversarial
34-35 Forestmen and peasants coexist peacefully in a town. Friendly
Idea Book 200 (1985) 40-41 Black knights guard the walls of two strongholds and mingle with Crusaders and peasants outside. Friendly
42-43 Black knights guard more walls with peasant carts carrying Crusaders. Friendly
44-45 Crusaders guard a walled town with peasants against various Black knights. Adversarial
46-47 A tournament between Crusaders and Black knights while peasants assist. Competitive
Back cover Black knights, Crusaders, and peasants live together peacefully. Friendly
Idea Book 250 (1987) 40-41 Crusaders cart stone to a stone mill and operating a forge, having forcibly recruited Black knights. Adversarial
42-43 Crusaders and Black falcons live together in a small town. Some peasants smuggle a peasant in a haycart. Collaborative
44-45 Crusaders build a stone castle, with one Black knight in stocks and another helping cut stone. Adversarial
45-46 Crusaders and Black knights participate in festivities. Competitive
47-48 Crusaders attack a Black knight castle with siege towers and catapults. Adversarial
Idea Book 260 (1990) 28-31 Crusaders in various castles defend against Dragon knight assaults. Adversarial

Faction Relationships Analysis Results

Based on the above evidence, factions relate to each other as follows:

  Forestmen Dragon Knights Crusaders Black Knights Peasants
Forestmen - Adversarial Adversarial - Collaborative
Dragon Knights - - Competitive to Adversarial Adversarial Cooperative
Crusaders - - Competitive to Adversarial Cooperative to Adversarial  
Black Knights - - - - Cooperative
Peasants - - - - -

In the next part of this series, we will examine how these factions evolve over time, with some fading into obscurity and others transforming into new factions.