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Joust (1982) - Ride a flying ostrich into battle against buzzards and dragons solo or with a friend
Killer Queen (2013) - Fight to victory alongside four other players! Win by defeating their queen, collecting enough berries, or riding the snail to your own side.


The Settlers of Catan (1995) - Populate an island by building settlements and trading resources
Terra Mystica (2012) - Transform and take control over a fantasy world
Chess - The classic two-player strategy game


Kingdom: Two Crowns (2018) - Build a kingdom by recruiting subjects, constructing fortifications, and fending off monsters
Limbo (2010) - Manuever obstacles and dodge monsters as you wander through a dark and eerie landscape
Firewatch (2016) - Explore the scenic Wyoming wilderness while a mystery unfolds
Cuphead (2017) - Run and gun your way through a 1930s-era cartoon adventure
Minecraft (2011) - Collect, craft, and build in a world made of blocks