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App Development

Visual Studio Code - Edit and run code
Sublime Text - Edit text files
SWI-Prolog - Run Prolog code
Vim - Edit text on the command line on UNIX and macOS
Windows Subsystem for Linux - Run a GNU/Linux environment on Windows without the overhead of a virtual machine


Discord - Chat with others on Discord
Apple Messages - Send and receive text messages on your Mac

Data Management

yt-dlp - Download videos from and other video sites
Mp3tag - Edit audio file metadata
MusicBrainz Picard - Tag music files
Rufus - Create bootable USB drives
Handbrake - Convert video files to other formats
Rufus - Create bootable USB drives
DB Browser for SQLite - View and edit SQLite database files
WinDirStat - Visualize filesystem usage on Windows
Ninite - Install and update all your programs at once
SDelete - Securely delete files on Windows
dupeGuru - Find and delete duplicate files in a system

Data Storage

Dropbox - Store data in Dropbox's cloud
Google Drive - Store data in Google's cloud
VeraCrypt - Securely store your files on virtual encrypted disks

Image Editing

Paint.NET - Edit images and photos on Windows
LightShot - Take screenshots effortlessly


Spotify - Listen to music and podcasts
Goodreads - Share and receive book recommendations
Feedly - Stay up to date with web content
Libby - Borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your library


Bricklink - Buy and sell Lego sets and parts online
Bricklink Studio - Create Lego 3D models


Google Keep - Take notes
f.lux - Adjust screen display colors to help you sleep
VLC media player - Play almost any video, audio, or image file


eBay - Buy and sell anything online
Splitwise - Split expenses with friends


VirtualBox - Run an operating system inside a virtual machine

Web Browsing

Google Chrome - Visit websites
Mozilla Firefox - Visit web sites
uBlock Origin - Block ads in web browsers
Chrome extension source viewer - Read source code of Chrome browser extensions
Earth View from Google Earth - Experience a beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab

Web Debugging

cURL - Transfer data via command line or library
Fiddler - Log and modify HTTP(S) traffic with a Windows GUI
mitmproxy - Intercept HTTP(S) traffic from the command line
Nmap - Understand networks and their security

Web Hosting

PuTTy - Run interactive command-line sessions on remote computers
WinSCP - Copy files between local and remote computers
Let's Encrypt - Generate SSL certificates so visitors can securely access your site
nginx - Serve websites and services
Jekyll - Create static websites
DigitalOcean - Serve websites from a virtual environment
Plex - Stream from your media server

Windows Debugging

Process Explorer - See which Windows program has a particular file or directory open
Process Monitor - Observe realtime access to the Windows filesystem
Autoruns - Manage which Windows programs launch at startup