Matthew Dean

Ripping Data CDs Semi-Automatically

I recently was given 200+ compact discs (CDs) to digitize. There are services which do this for between $1.15 and $2 per disc which I find unacceptably expensive so I resolved to learn how to do it myself.

I was surprised by my difficulty in finding online instructions on the process but eventually found I was able to accomplish the task with the following tools:


  1. Install ImgBurn
  2. Open Tools > Settings…
  3. Under the Read tab:
    • On Page 1, set your Default Destination to where you want the files to go
    • On Page 2:
      • Check “Insert Next Disc - Auto ‘OK’” and adjust slider to 1 second
      • Check “Replace File - Auto ‘Rename’” and adjust slider to 1 second

Then insert a disc into the drive, select “Create image file from disc”, and once the drive ejects repeat the process until you have processed all the discs. I reocmmend backing up the files before destroying or recycling the discs to minimize chances of data loss.