Matthew Dean

Lego Classic Space Returns with Designer-Exclusive 2023 Set

Last month Justin Ramsden, a Senior Model Designer at the Lego Group, posted a photo of a previously unknown classic space homage set. From the caption and set cover image, the set appears to have been given exclusively to attendees of Lego’s 2023 Design Seminar.

[Tweet]( revealing Lego DS2023 Cosmic Daydreams to the publicTweet revealing Lego DS2023 Cosmic Daydreams to the public

Model frontModel front

The set features a DJ booth with a turntable, speakers, laser & light emitters and seven classic space minfigures:

Figure Name Nickname Previous Sets Notes
Purple Classic Astronaut The Dreamer None Can be built thanks to 2023 sets which include previously unreleased purple backpack and purple space helmet pieces
Red Classic Astronaut The Pilot 10497 Galaxy Explorer  
White Classic Astronaut The Explorer 70841 Benny’s Space Squad, 10497 Galaxy Explorer  
Blacktron Astronaut The Visitor 40580 Blacktron Cruiser  
Keko The Robot None An updated version of Keko from the 1980s Jim Spaceborn comic books as noted by Emily
White Console-Bodied Walking Robot None None Resembles Tee Vee of Alpha Team as noted by Joey. The inclusion of this character may hint at the set’s designer(s), as Designer Niek van Slagmaat admitted he and Nick Vás tried to incorporate a walking TV figure into sets since 2016 and succeeded in 2020’s 70436 Phantom Fire Truck 3000.1
Classic Space Droid None 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!, 70841 Benny’s Space Squad Appears to have been inspired by a droid from the 1986 6702 Minifigure Pack

Finding the building instructions

The set cover art features a QR code which points to the set’s instructions.2 Unfortunately because the set cover card is curved, the QR code is warped and unable to be read by most QR code scanners. I worked around this issue by manually recreating the QR code on a 29x29 pixel frame and scanning the result.

Manually recreated QR codeManually recreated QR code

[Linktree page]( which QR code refers toLinktree page which QR code refers to

The first option on the page leads to an interactive building instructions page displaying the finished set. The user can rotate the model set its vertical axis or click on a section to view and rotate it in isolation.

The second option leads to a PDF of step-by-step building instructions which name some of the figures and sections in the set.

Reconstructing the set digitally

Using Bricklink’s Studio, I recreated the set and published the results here. The set can be physically built with publicly released bricks with the exception of a 2x4 purple brick with “DS23” printed on it.3

Studio renderStudio render

I confirmed the piece count is accurate by, after building it, comparing Studio’s piece count to the piece count from the set’s cover image. Note that Lego considers each minifigure midsection (including torso, arms, and hands) to count as one piece.

Building the set physically

To acquire the set’s pieces:

  1. Create a list of parts by uploading the set’s .io file to Bricklink
    • You can save money by removing the individual purple astronaut torso pieces and adding the purple space alien torso which is more commonly listed. Once you create carts you can search stores for “dark purple hands” or “dark purple arms” to add torsos which contain those colored pieces.
  2. On the Wanted List page, click “Easy Buy” next to the Wanted List to create carts from multiple stores so that you can buy all the pieces

  1. Tweet from Niek van Slagmaat admitting he and Nick Vás tried to include a walking TV figure in sets since 2016 

  2. Tweet revealing QR code points to instructions 

  3. Tweet confirming “DS23” was printed on as opposed to being a sticker